Dolls house dolls wooden

dolls house dolls wood

I am excited to be introducing a new range of wooden dolls, the first of which are pictured in this gallery. 

They are turned on a lathe then hand-carved. I am experimenting with a variety of woods which each have their own qualities in terms of colour, strength and ability to take fine detail. Below you can see the first examples of my work. I am progressing well with the larger dolls (one twelfth scale) with joints and the first one, 'The Little Match-girl', will be available soon.

Many of my wooden dolls will be fairytale characters. There are so many to choose from and somehow wood seems to be the right material for them.

I have discovered that porcelain heads on hand carved wooden bodies is not only a very traditional mix of materials for dolls, it is also very successful, playing on the strengths of each of the materials. 

Standing and Sitting Girl
Hansel and Gretel dolls by Jane Davies